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What is Friendship?

All live religions encourage friendship. There is an innate friendliness that characterizes spirit-born sons of God. Friendship robs suffering of its sorrow and nourishes your religion. You will never lose the power to recognize your former friends as you evolve spiritually. Have you ever experienced a relationship with another person where you seemed to be thinking in channels of astonishing similarity and inexplicable agreement? "The Urantia Book" explains that this is because the cosmic mind is the source of all mind and therefore it should not be surprising that we can discover intellectual and spiritual potentials that exist in similar fashion in individuals. One exciting thing to think about is that you will have the opportunity to work with your friends in the afterlife. Friendship with God is the relationship that most truly satisfies your characteristic longings and ideals.

Rodan's Talks on Friendship

"The Religion of the Ideal"
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