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What Is Truth?

God is the source of all truth and that is why the truth makes you free. Truth is always a revelation and is defined by how you live it. The authority of truth is the very spirit that indwells your living manifestation. Truth is unshakeable, adaptable, and radiantly alive, and is experienced when you allow spirit to reign in your soul. You can best think of truth as the quest to discern God in your mind, and that is why the sincere pursuit of truth leads you to God. You should invite truth to strike deeply into your heart with its living roots. Then you will see how goodness, righteousness, and justice are spiritually bound together with living truth and divine beauty.
"Truth is relative and expanding; it lives always in the present, achieving new expression in each generation of men--even in each human life."
The Urantia Book Page 888, paragraph 1
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