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What Is Heaven?

The life God has designed for you is not an endless rest of idleness and selfish ease. Instead it is a "ceaseless progression in grace, truth, and glory." There are many stations you will visit as you evolve into a child of light. You will travel from glory to glory as you gain your spiritual vision. In The Urantia Book, Jesus describes a place so wondrous that, "the eye has not seen, ear heard, nor the mortal mind conceived." It appears that heaven, as it has been traditionally described, will be like the next stop on our spiritual journey, the first mansion world. Heaven is really the attainment of immortality, when you will grow into an absolute oneness with the fragment of God that lives within your mind. This fragment of God, your Thought Adjuster, gives you his supreme devotion and the affection of his divine spirit to lead you onward to your eternal destiny. Permit the spirit to lead you forward into the spiritual kingdom. You will come into greater wisdom, power, and love. If you give your divine guide your sincere cooperation then you will be rewarded with eternal life, which is heaven.

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