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Discovering Your Eternal Adventure

Is Death the End of Me? Or
Your Eternal Adventure

Most of us are familiar with the idea of heaven, and many of us believe in a life after death that provides grace and ease in the presence of God. But what if this new life is even more appealing and more exciting than we have been led to believe? What if such a life was really living, an eternal life full of opportunities to learn how to better love God through serving your fellows? What if you woke up after the temporary sleep of death and found yourself on another planet with your family and friends, ready to continue on your spiritual path for God? What if the whole universe was teeming with inhabited planets, a cosmic society organized in God's name to promote spiritual evolution--yours and everyone else's?

Is this really possible? Of course it is! But you might need to be introduced to a source of information that is convincingly rational and truly inspirational in order to be able to take this possibility seriously. The Urantia Book is this source of information. Check it out--you might learn what it means to be at home in the universe, a true cosmic citizen.

Quotes From The Urantia Book on Eternal Life:

"Even highly spiritual personalities continue to ascend the scale of life by progressive translations from life to life and from sphere to sphere. And in the case of those who entertain the Mystery Monitors*, there is indeed no limit to the possible heights of their spiritual ascent and universe attainment."

"...When the heights of perfection and eternity are attained, all the more honor to those who began at the bottom and joyfully climbed the ladder of life, round by round, and who, when they do reach the heights of glory, will have gained a personal experience which embodies an actual knowledge of every phase of life from the bottom to the top."

"In all this is shown the wisdom of the Creators. It would be just as easy for the Universal Father to make all mortals perfect beings, to impart perfection by his divine word. But that would deprive them of the wonderful experience of the adventure and training associated with the long and gradual inward climb, an experience to be had only by those who are so fortunate as to begin at the very bottom of living existence." (page 361)

"And when you thus awaken on the mansion worlds** of Jerusem, you will be so changed, the spiritual transformation will be so great that,...."

"On the mansion worlds you will know and be known, and more, you will remember, and be remembered by, your onetime associates in the short but intriguing life on Urantia." (page 1235)

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