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A Community of One in Search of Two

I am the Organization. There are no Urantia Book readers that I am aware of anywhere near the Central Georgia area, and I would dearly love to find some others. Anyone interested or know of some way to help with this??? Thanks!

Contact Information
210 Highland Drive
Warner Robins GA

Current Projects
Find Urantia Book Readers
Just as the name says. :)

Develop a Urantia Book Study Group
Same as above. :)

Goals as a Group
To HAVE a group! Seriously so...

Membership Size
Me. That's it. since

Coming Events

Current Publications
Sutdy Aids, Brochures, Outreach Materials
I am a graphic artist with a LAN system in my home office, a, HP color lazer jet printer (huge and new), and the willingness to get the word about the Book out with their use. Well... Interested?

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