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The Baha'i Community of Australia

The Baha'i community of Australia is involved in a spiritual enterprize focused on significantly advancving the process of entry-by- troops. the emerging Baha'i culture has five elements: unity-building, spirituality, teaching, learning and engagement with the wider community.

Contact Information
6 Reece Street
George Town Ta

Current Projects
The Five Year Plan: 2001-2006
The steady multiplication of core activities by individuals who have gained skills through the institute process.

The Five Year Plan: 2006-2011
To extend the 'description' in 'Project 1' above, to develop a new mindset about teaching and learning and be prepared to welcome large numbers of people to Baha'u'llah's tabernacle of love and unity.

Goals as a Group
A framework of action developed in the Cluster process as the basis for sustaining and accelerating the process of growth and acheve a balance between expansion and consolidation.

Membership Size
10,000 since 1921

Coming Events
sunset on 25/2

The Fast
Sunrise on 2/3/06

Current Publications
This is the international, the official, Baha'i site for more information.
There are dozens of books, articles, essays, inter alia, available at this site.

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