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South Chesapeake Students

We are students of the Urantia Book inviting participants from the Tidewater area of Southern Virginia. We are members of the Virginia/Carolinas Readers Group

Contact Information
7365 Leigh Drive
Hayes VA

Current Projects
Urantia eBook Palm OS
Formatting the Urantia Book and many other related materials for personal use as an interactive Palm OS eBook.

Science 21 & the Urantia Book
My father was able to source & identify many of the scientific minds contributing to the Urantia Papers. We are finding parallels in new secular scientific texts such as 'Biocosm: Intelligent Life as the Architect of the Universe'.

Goals as a Group
To be good loyal tadpoles in order to become frogs

Membership Size
3 since 2004

Coming Events
Wednesday Night Study
Every Wednesday
7:00 PM

Current Publications

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