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The Baha'i Group of George Town Tasmania

This Group of five Baha'is is part of the Tasmanian Baha'i community of about 160 Baha'is, which is in turn part of the Australian Baha'i community which has sme 10,000 Baha'is. Australia is part of the world Baha'i community of 5 to 6 million adherents. I

Contact Information
6 Reece St
George Town Ta

Current Projects
Devotional Meetings
A public hall is selected and rented, advertising is placed in 1 newspaper and 2 radio stations, posters on windows and leaflets in mailboxes--then whoever comes takes part in the study of the literature of the world's great religions.

Cluster Meetings
Baha'is from half a dozen communities in northeast Tasmania get together to read, study, discuss, eat and laugh about several themes selected for the group.

Goals as a Group
1. to develop virtues 2. to play a part in the unification of the world's peoples 3. to increase peoples' awareness of a series of basic principles: the haromny of science and religion; the equality of the sexes, the establishment of in international tribunal, among others.

Membership Size
5 since 1990

Coming Events
Holy Day`
9 July 2003

Feast of Kalimat
13 July 2003

Current Publications
Pioneering Over Four Epochs
Pioneering Over Four Epochs: This tapestry of 70 diary/poetry/prose links endows historical, philosophical, psychological, literary and religious themes with many layers of meaning and evokes a complex range of responses. The author fuses material from the humanities, the social and physical sciences and from his own life. Of special interest to students of autobiography and the Baha'i Faith--and those with a bi-polar disorder.

Emergence of a Baha'i Consciousness in World Lit
The Poetry of Roger White marks, from the author's persepctive, the emergence of a Baha'i consciousness in world literature. This book examines over 400 pages White's poetry.

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