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Freestone's Afterlife Experiences

Since about 1970, I have been blessed with a Gift of having Guides take me, in Spirit, in Dreams, to see places in the Spirit, afterlife, realms! I have even talked two-way conversations with many of my relatives, there!

Contact Information
739-B white drive
tallahassee fl

Current Projects
a weblog
my weblog "my life after near death experiences"

writing out of all my visions of the afterlife!
I have a site where I have many of my dreamvisions written up. An ongoing project. "afterlifefiles"

Goals as a Group
by knowing that the Tombstone is a Door, not a dead end, one can live here and now, in the world, Knowing this, and also knowing that One can prepare: live now on earth as *if* one were already *in* heaven!

Membership Size
1 since 1970

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