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United Urantia Book Readers Initiative

Help co-create a new vision to inaugurate the next planetary mortal epoch on Urantia--a vision based on new patterns of interpersonal behavior, shared values, and a common intent to infuse this revelation into planetary consciousness.

Contact Information
David Elders, Marilynn Kulieke
P.O. Box 3732
Beverly Hills CA

Current Projects
New Paradigm for Learning and Teaching
One of the Initiative’s initial projects will be researching and developing new paradigms of learning, teaching, and leadership training to enhance our capabilities to bring the revelation to truth-seekers around the world. We are seeking new approaches that can be utilized both individually and through study or other groups.

Goals as a Group
The United Urantia Book Readers Initiative is designed to provide a new Urantia Book-based framework in which our personal commitments to live devoted, religious lives can find expression in a unified community of fellow truth seekers. The Initiative is about community rather than organization. It is about the socialization of our religion and our higher loyalties, not about the socialization of power and politics. Its true ends are personality relationships with God and with each other that are expressive of the very best of the revelation and which model the power of the teachings of The Urantia Book to deeply affect our lives together. These enhanced spiritual relationships can help guide us into the fifth epoch of spiritual growth on our world.

Membership Size
140 since 2002

Coming Events
Workshop on Initative Goals
Fellowship Conference, Colorado
June 30-July 6, 2002

Workshop--Living the Goals of the Revelation
IUA Conference, France
August 3-7, 2002

Current Publications
CommUNITY Circuits Newsletter
CommUNITY Circuits is published on a quarterly basis, Click here to view our first issue.

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