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Key Of Eden

Key Of Eden is dispensated divinely to assist with anchorage onto earth of the frequencies of spirit, to illumate and assist ascension.

Contact Information
19 Humphry Road
Sudbury SK
CO10 1UD

Current Projects
Trinity of Life Workshops
Teaching of energies beyond duality:- moving to unity and trinity.

Key Of Eden sacred journeys
Journeys to sacred sites to carry out God's work that is needed at various locations worldwide

Goals as a Group
My goals are God's Goals! "Thy will be done". Creating peace, giving humanity tools to find the way home to God.

Membership Size
No membership forum since Founded in 1997, with beginning teachings on counselling, evolved to healing assistance the following year in 1998. In 1998 -1999, many teachings were channelled on work so similiar as I have later read in the Keys Of Enoch and Urantia book, about evolution and how to ascend on upwards. This year has been particularly devoted to the paradise frequency transmissions from spirit, and the teachings that accompany it, hence the birthing of

Coming Events
To be arranged

Current Publications
In the makings!
Souls Script. Information to assist with connection to the Divine. Will include various codings to unlock doorways.

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