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Our mission is to encourage and assist individuals in developing a personal faith relationship with God.

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Jesusonian Foundation
Boulder CO

Current Projects
A beautiful new website dedicated wholly to the exploration of the remarkable teachings of The Urantia Book.

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Who Was Jesus

Goals as a Group
The Jesusonian Foundation, while actively encouraging progress in scientific, political, economic, and cultural areas, is solely dedicated to a spiritual ministry emphasizing a balanced growth of the mind, soul, spirit and total personality.

We are a nonprofit service organization committed to the dissemination of the teachings of The Urantia Book. The policies and actions of our foundation are directed towards positive, steady, predicable, well planned and wise growth.

The Jesusonian Foundation is devoted to the working with the contemporary world religions while simultaneously contributing to the foundations of a dynamic new world religious and philosophical movement.

The Jesusonian Foundation is fully dedicated to love, understanding and good will with all people. Furthermore, we are committed to cooperative work and loving association with all individuals and organizations advancing the insights, activities, and religious growth stimulated by the spiritual truth found in or harmonious with the Fifth Epochal Revelation.

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Current Publications
Life After Death Magazine
A comprehensive overview of The Urantia Book's teachings about what happens to human beings when our earthly sojourn is over.

Mustard Seed Brochures
Seven different brochures featuring excellent selected excerpts from The Urantia Book on topics of current interest.

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