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International Urantia Community An inter-cultural, multi-language website - Dedicated to the greater understanding of GOD - our UNIVERSAL FATHER - through the bestowal life of His Creator Son . Jesus, and the awe-inspiring material contained within

Contact Information
4 Horizon Road - Apt 1202
New jersey NJ

Current Projects
Website Construction of
The TUF website is intended as an internet 'portal' to information about translations of 'The Urantia Book'.

Korean website
This website, a sub-component of the TUF website described above, contains the entire Korean text of 'The Urantia Book'.

Goals as a Group
To provide information about and access to translations of 'The Urantia Book'.

Membership Size

Coming Events
Full text of the Korean Urantia Book -- ONLINE

Full text of the Russian translation -- ONLINE

Current Publications
Russian website
This website, another sub-component of the TUF website described above, will contain the entire Russian text of 'The Urantia Book'.

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